Are you always on the lookout for funny pranks to use on friends? Or perhaps you’re sick of being the victim of someone who is?

You’ve come to the right place, buckle up, we’ve got 10 Funny DIY Pranks comin’ at ya!

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0:18 Baby powder in blow dryer prank

1:20 Slipper phone prank

2:11 Water faucet prank

3:16 Thumbs and glass trick

4:10 Nutella toilet prank

4:51 Back cracking trick

5:23 Fake hair trimmer prank

6:06 Dressing prank

6:42 Egg roulette challenge

7:44 Fries and ketchup prank


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    The glue thing did not work

    The water is dripping so the glue is wet i did not open the sink

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    Viky fans hit a like..😂😃👌😘

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    I think that 123go is better than 5 minute crafts cause you explain stuff in the best way.

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    Poor Maya she didn't do anything they pranked her😂😂

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    Haha Vicky thought theres poop on her hands but it is nuttela HAHAHA