My 100th video!

I thought I’d put a compilation together of my favourite Pranks between my Girlfriend and me! It was a tough one deciding which ones to choose! Thank you so much for being awesome!

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Olga D. 1 week ago


  • Craig Naidoo 1 week ago

    Dry pranks

  • javier santiago 1 week ago


  • J Evans 1 week ago

    Her boyfriend is such a pussy.

  • Raymundo Moreno 1 week ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that pregnant prank was a lil fucked up but hilarious

  • Larry Ganz 1 week ago

    @28:36 = Pure Evil Grin

  • Jonathan Galdo 1 week ago

    In the end a FUCKING retarded bf with a micro dick on his head!!! WHAT FUCKING MORON!!!

  • Wayne geordiesdad 1 week ago

    Why does she whine like a spoiled 6 year old?

  • Ell G 1 week ago

    Sorry buddy but that’s not how you throw a hook buddy stick to kicking

  • Mallorie Hagood 1 week ago

    So funny can you do a prank on him by putting pepper souse on his food

  • Zimo 1 week ago

    it's kinda cool that you have made this cool videos by using serious stuff, you literally can really cheat on each other and real shit like that and make it look like a prank –_

  • Elena Wilson 1 week ago


  • Filmer Kay 1 week ago

    Oh maan, you are so sweet together. Pls don't ruin it by doing to hard prank to each other. Playing with someones feelings can damage not matter if its a prank or not.

  • moestavernprankcall 1 week ago

    My first prank on her would be bend her over like I’m going in the pussy but then I’m balls deep in that ass

  • conspiracynutsmakemechuckle outloud 1 week ago

    Oh rack!

  • Norman Pentecost 1 week ago

    thanks i liked watching this video, make more like it please…check out this compilation

  • brad koste 1 week ago

    wow that chick is bonafide

  • VFSKNIGHT 1 week ago

    boobs is all you think about lol perv shes got man get over it baby thing was a lil over the top but the break up thing thats fucked up lol wow girl you are a mean one πŸ™‚ implants

  • Alex Mansell 1 week ago

    Those tits…

  • wolfgang wagner 1 week ago

    I felt toxicity flow into my blood she got him with so much worse feeling pranks