I’ve never done this kind of videos before but I hope you like it! 😀

Show: Teen Wolf
Song: Pitbull – Timber ft. Ke$ ha
Character/s: Malia Hale (Tate)
Coloring: Paradise by KeepHopeAlive

happy wheels 2 demo


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  • YouTube käyttäjä 1 week ago

    Malia is Best!! ❤️❤️

  • Виктория Хорошая 1 week ago

    Малия ооочень красивая!)))

  • Buzzkill 78 1 week ago

    She’s so innocently oblivious to society and social norms 😂😂

  • Haya Halaoui 1 week ago

    She’s the female version of the mix of Scott and stiles

  • FluffyCloudsEcho 1 week ago

    I’m sorry because I know that a lot of people ship Stydia, Sciles, Sterek, Scalia and things like that, but Stalia is literally my otp, they have such a precious, playful love that I adore and I’m so glad that we got to watch it play out on screen, if not for only a couple seasons.

  • Libby Rose Moore 1 week ago

    Malia is the character we all needed but didn’t think we needed.

  • rato das condutas 1 week ago

    It s Malia Tate

  • facts talks 1 week ago

    Malia is sweet, lovely, cute, fearless lady badass. I love her animal instinct😍😍😍

  • Fefe Junejo 1 week ago

    WE WANT TEEN WOLF SEASON 7!!!!!!!!!!!..please

  • MACA 1 week ago

    malia hale? more like malia hate

  • Orkun Koyuncu 1 week ago

    Awesome video <3

  • NoCrackTV 1 week ago

    the eyes are blue, not purple

  • Emma Konsbrück 1 week ago

    3:23 of Malia being my favorite Teen Wolf Character

  • andrea muñoz 1 week ago


  • teen wolf 4ever 1 week ago


  • Agata anelli 1 week ago


  • Aranex Aranex 1 week ago


  • Aranex Aranex 1 week ago

    Wróciłem tu po roku. Ktoś z pl :)?

  • Gevonnie Harris 1 week ago


  • Carmen Chozas 1 week ago

    She is strong and sometimes funny