Funniest Laughing News Bloopers Best News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing !

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  • duc ho 1 week ago

    Very relaxed. Laughs spread positively. Thank you for this video.!

  • Heath Anderson 1 week ago

    Clickbait !

  • Thunder Kiwi 1 week ago

    Where's thumbnail at ??

  • Mathematical Human 1 week ago

    4:19 please read the headline at the bottom xD

  • Masterkiller666 1 week ago

    Where is the girl from the thumbnail? I feel betrayed. 🙁

  • Rob M 1 week ago

    Whore in the thumbnail

  • ProAimtoshoot 1 week ago

    Guy talking at 1:50 took it like a champ

  • Jeremy Hill 1 week ago

    The intro xD

  • Tom Pauls 1 week ago

    ok – honestly, how many [men] came here due to C.B. expecting a serious jug hanging out?! I knew it but just love hearing professional anchors seriously cutting up. Too bad the swimming cat episode was cut short. THAT one is the funniest for me. (~8

  • lashawn davis 1 week ago

    0:41 kellyanne Conway?

  • Jiam Creates 1 week ago

    These news reporters that are insane will make people laugh more.

  • Frank Smith 1 week ago

    Just say, "NO!"

  • John Alfren Trinidad 1 week ago

    Women news anchors are not funny at all..💪💪💪

  • inge görhan 1 week ago

    F y-

  • SparklingGarbage l-/ ! 1 week ago

    0:27 I love him lmaooo

  • Amaze 1 week ago

    Chris p😂😂😂

  • Saddgger Saddgger 1 week ago

    Damn that first guy must have ugly ass teeth to laugh like that😂😂

  • bushi lbabale 1 week ago

    Thanks to making us to laught!!!😂😂

  • Carmen Barracks 1 week ago

    O my God I keep going back to number 3 his laugh is so infectious. Look at that cat it's like Jev in a hat. When ever I feel down this is my upliftment.

  • Mohmed Osman 1 week ago

    Man my stomach hurts, Chris B bacon 😂