A money hungry Brazilian gold digger teen girl gets taken home with a great twist in the end.

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  • Mark Jallayu 2 weeks ago

    Fake take that cause you let the word GOLD DIGGER kiss you

  • Kis Gun 2 weeks ago

    He is a porn actor
    Antonio Mallorca

  • ANTHONY MENDOZA 2 weeks ago

    This guy is a jerk! No respect watsoever with women! Man you should me ashame of yourself!

  • Slade Bell 2 weeks ago

    Nice legs gorgeous

  • Matru Prasad 2 weeks ago

    U take advantages of an innocent girl and have sex with her. this is not good. u r also a beauty digger

  • Vensky Patrice 2 weeks ago

    Oh shit … 🤣🤣

  • SKeeeT * 2 weeks ago

    This video is taken off pornhub this person stole it n uploaded it here the pornhub is antonio some shit

  • Arnaldo Sandoval 2 weeks ago

    I'm tired to see things like this seriously . I think is a bull shit.

  • 89ROCK STAR 2 weeks ago

    I'm not hating but that's not cool

  • Seo N 2 weeks ago

    All Giles deserves our respect you don't have nothing to show lol your car is so cheap damnit

  • ert tre 2 weeks ago

    Fake 👿👿👿

  • justin duncan 2 weeks ago

    Did they have sex like if u know

  • jaden coria 2 weeks ago

    Chinga tu madre pendejete, eso no se hace, imbesil.

  • Flávio Fernando 2 weeks ago

    Idiota sai lá da puta que paril pra vim expor os outros .filho de uma egual

  • Wilmer Garcia 2 weeks ago


  • Sonia Sarantes 2 weeks ago

    I think they edit her butt Bc her butt is not that big rl

  • Tubs Racing 2 weeks ago

    Respect men!

  • Marissa whitmore Vlogs and more 2 weeks ago


  • Silence Already Dead 2 weeks ago

    Its antoio malorca.. He had several porn videos uploaded on ph.. I watched one.. Some faked but some of em maybe real.i dont know. Hit me if u want the full video and i will look for the link

  • My Heart Is a Piano 2 weeks ago

    Meu deus, esse vídeo é real mesmo, meu deus.