Learning English. What is April Fool’s day? An English lesson explaining why we have April Fool’s Day. You might play a prank or pull a hoax on April fool’s day. Learn English with Duncan. This is my 500th video on YouTube.

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  • Fernando Glionna 1 month ago

    I think I'm learning a lot thanks to your video lessons. Thank you!

  • puka suka 1 month ago

    i like your videos

  • CCarolinee 1 month ago

    thanks from Serbia. Your work is commendable and highly appreciated 🙂

  • Superman Gris 1 month ago

    My grandpa knew that tv april fools prank he is swedish me too

  • Eugene Bozhenko 1 month ago

    Thanks for so interesting lesson! =)
    I like jokes and comedies… But I do not like hoax and pranks, which are based on a lie.

  • Morela Vought 1 month ago

    Thanks a lot for another great lesson, King of English, lol. By the way, I've tried watching the last Live Stream Mobile Lesson, however, it said it was removed or something like that. Do you know why? Ta ta for now. I love that phrase! See you next Friday, Misterduncan.

  • Norma Quesada 1 month ago

    Thanks Mr. Duncan, as always, your videos are fun and useful. I enjoy them a lot. Greetings from Mexico 🙂

  • ViZiO Music 1 month ago

    Very good

  • Antedon Bifida 1 month ago

    April 1st is my husband's birthday! He says that he is not a "born fool"…. but only a "fool in love". 💐🌸🌷🍀🌹🌻

  • CarlosFreitas 1 month ago

    Thank You Mr, Dunkan ever a pleasure see your videos and hugs to Mr.Lomax!

  • Soumaya Lahlali 1 month ago

    thank you teacher 😊