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In this episode, Parker and Chester investigate a voice coming from a vent.

Parker’s Instagram: @parkerhaj
Chester’s Instagram: @snipertrader20

Instagram: @luxurypranks
Snapchat: @luxurypranks

DISCLAIMER: These videos are produced with the intent entertain and promote online safety. Do not try to replicate the acts you see at home.

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  • Life of Luxury 1 week ago


  • It’s Maya 1 week ago

    Why is everybody being mean to them😣

  • Steve.ioNite 1 week ago

    thanks for the $6

  • Will will 1 week ago


  • Alexus Cordova 1 week ago

    Who else got scared when they saw the Jake Paul posters in the background like if agree

  • Autumn Gamer 1 week ago

    Roses are red
    Here’s something new
    Violets are violet
    Not flipping blue

  • jknla2005 1 week ago

    That’s creepy

  • Joleen Benavidez 1 week ago

    He sounds like tnat guy from scary movie 2

  • Sophia Pimentel 1 week ago

    When that they were talking to the man, I was like, "You guys are so brave!"

  • The odd Side 1 week ago

    You should start carrying pepper spray or a mini taser or something

  • Bizzy0705 1 week ago

    I love watching you but not in a creepy way

  • Kaylee Taylor 1 week ago

    I'm sooo scared

  • Crazy Cake 1 week ago

    Vent:*Sings post man pat Theme*

    Me:*Sings Bitch lasagna*

  • Creampie _GAMERZ 1 week ago

    6:42 woohoo new it movie if you watch the movie

  • Victoria Fraga 1 week ago

    I think he has mental problems

  • Jewel Nyu 1 week ago

    Parker: There’s no way a human could fit in there

    Me: not a human you say..

  • Millieza Velez 1 week ago

    This poor man is sick!- he looks like he came from the hospital!

  • Jakey Gaming 1 week ago

    Just pause a 0:12 and the truth is revealed. ITS A LIE:oooo

  • Ryan Donre 1 week ago

    Wtf that's messed up bro

  • Angela Lopez 1 week ago

    Um I’m 10 and this is scary for me but I love watching ur vids so uh yeah